Pınar Tente is also a Pioneer in Sports!

Pınar Tente, Adana’s largest Awning-Pergole manufacturer, carried its leading role in the sector to sports. Pınar Tente, the main sponsor of Bornova Becker Spor, the women’s basketball team from İzmir, which succeeded in being promoted to the first league in the first year of its establishment and was shown as the favorite for the super league this year, bought the advertising areas of the team in front of the jerseys.

After the agreement, Bornova Becker Spor, who will play nearly 60 matches by competing in 15 provinces for 1 year, will have “Pınar Tente” written in front of the match form. Pınar Tente will host the matches that the team will hold in Mersin, and will carry out various social activities with the team.

In addition to its achievements in sports, Pınar Tente also supports such social aid organizations by being a sponsor of Bornova Becker Spor, which carries out many social projects for mentally handicapped children, children undergoing cancer treatment, children in need and the elderly, as it should be in every corporate company. has also shown an important example of social responsibility by using some of its earnings in activities that will benefit the society.