Çukurova power in shading systems: YUDE Trading

We had an interview with Yusuf Delice, General Manager of UDE Trading. Giving information about his companies and fields of activity, Mr. Yusuf also made statements about the new term plans.

Can we get to know you first?
I was born in Kahramanmaraş / Göksun in 1966. I completed my primary and secondary education in Kayseri and entered the working life at a young age. I always had the idea of ​​starting my own business in the back of my mind. In order to realize this dream, I decided to come to Çukurova, the fertile lands of Anatolia, and continue my commercial life here. Since 1994, I have established my own business and in 2006, we became a company and started our production with the Pınar Tente brand.

Yusuf Delice, General Manager of YUDE Trading

Could you briefly describe your company for our readers?
Pınar Tente Ltd., which was established in 1994, has achieved world standards in production and service quality. Şti., being demanded by the countries of the world, YUDE Trading Otomasyon Dış Ticaret San. Ltd. Sti. born. Our company is focused on making great contributions to the development of Turkey’s exports. With the aim of being the door of the domestic manufacturer to the world trade;

Conducting market research,
Determination of price and quality policy,
Developing sales and marketing activities in the targeted market,
It is one of our basic principles to follow and manage commercial operations such as the continuity of customer satisfaction after production / packaging / shipment / delivery / collection.

Could you give information about your product groups?
Our most prominent and demanded product among our product groups, the pergola awning, is a product preferred by cafes, restaurants and hotels, and it is in high demand from Turkey and abroad. In addition, we produce our folding glass systems and guillotine glass products in requested sizes and present them to consumers through our dealer network.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a pergola awning?
There are businesses that are called under the stairs in many sectors, but in our sector we call them as above the stairs. Actually, I don’t know how accurate it is to say business. Because they offer you pergolas made with fabrics and equipment of unknown origin in the market at cheap prices, and you cannot find an interlocutor in case of any problem with the product. We are businesses that provide employment, pay taxes, and try to provide foreign currency input to our country by exporting. We work without compromising on quality so that there is not the slightest problem in our products. All of the materials we use have quality certificates and products of unknown origin are not used. My advice to consumers is to choose the names that have established confidence in the market when choosing pergola awnings.

Can we get information about your after-sales services?
We provide after-sales service. We request post-service feedback in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. We provide service and maintenance for products out of warranty period.

How do you evaluate the competitive environment in the Turkish market?
The price policy of each company is at its own discretion. However, when it comes to competition, we advocate competition in quality and service. The biggest reason why our company has come to these days is that it does not compromise on quality and service. From now on, our policy will be in this direction.

Are there any new projects that you intend to implement in the short or long term?
We set out to produce and sell awnings, but when we look back today, we see that we have come a long way and become one of the leaders of the sector. We can say that the biggest factor in this is to follow the developments in the sector and keep up with it without sacrificing quality in line with customer demands. Therefore, our R&D studies continue, and we aim to create firsts in the sector by producing new products that can be used in new areas.

Finally, what would you like to add?
I would like to conclude with a sentence that I always use and like: “Even the most mundane business has the potential to bring great success, and a good start is half success.”

This content is taken from the interview for GKS magazine: https://gksdergisi.com/golgelenen-sistemsinde-cukurova-gucu-yude-trading/