Bioclimatic systems that can be applied in every space offer folding and gathering movements, which no other sunroof system in the world offers. It is designed to reduce unnecessary energy consumption by creating a pleasant microclimate on your terrace or workplace by using natural factors such as ventilation, due to aluminum panels that can move axially. Due to the axial movement of the aluminum panels, it does not lose its shading feature while ventilating. It also allows you to have full control over the amount of sunlight and air entering the system with the automation system.

Dimension: Maximum comfort area is created for you in line with the project design for the application areas you want private or commercial.

Color: Colored with electrostatic oven paint; Application is made in any desired color.

General features

  • Around the system; By integrating vertical systems such as zip curtains, guillotine and sliding glass, a minimally personalized project that is compatible with the architectural texture can be created.

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